New global M&A network targets Northern firms

Pangea's James Dow, left, and Dave Graham

A new M&A network has been launched to seek out global opportunities for firms based in the North of England.

The new network of corporate finance advisers aims to help Northern firms make the most of international opportunities.

Pangea M&A has been launched by Dow Schofield Watts, one of the North’s leading independent corporate finance firms, and initially brings the firm together with partners in 10 other countries.

Those countries include the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

Pangea said the firms will work together to support international mergers and acquisitions on behalf of their clients – seeking out opportunities, sharing expertise and contacts and providing clients with strategic advice and local market insight.

Dave Graham, director of Dow Schofield Watts, who has led the creation of Pangea, said: “The continued importance of the UK for both inbound and outbound M&A activity, together with the current uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the changing political and economic environment across the world, make it even more important that our clients can tap into local expertise in overseas markets and access the widest pool of buyers and acquisition opportunities.

“Having reviewed the opportunities available from other International networks, we decided to build our own.

“Pangea will allow easy and straightforward communication between the partners and will play a pro-active role to deliver real value to clients.”

Dom Mazzone of Mazzone & Associates in Atlanta, one of the US partners, said: “Pangea M&A provides us with an opportunity to be part of one of the strongest networks of mid-market advisory firms and investment banks in the world.

“We are looking forward to working with our global partners to continue to drive execution for our clients by leveraging the power of Pangea M&A.”

James Dow, founding partner of Dow Schofield Watts, added: “The creation of Pangea by Dow Schofield Watts is another important step in the development of our business to provide clients with a genuine alternative to the services provided by the ‘big four.’

“Pangea allows us to access proven corporate finance capability in all the major financial markets for international M&A.”

Pangea, derived from the Greek words for “all earth” is the name given to the “supercontinent” that incorporated all the landmasses millions of years ago.