HMRC to move 9,000 to Newcastle’s Pilgrim Street

Newcastle’s Pilgrim’s Quarter, part of the Pilgrim Street development, is set to become the new home for the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the North East of England.

Part of the Government Hub network, HMRC’s state-of-the-art “regional” centre will be based at the new development and will accommodate approximately 9,000 staff.

The Newcastle building will be the largest of HMRC’s 13 regional centres, at 43,000m.

Most HMRC staff in the North East are currently based at either Benton Park View in Newcastle or Waterview Park in Washington.

The opening of the new regional centre is aligned with HMRC’s move out of these office spaces, which is expected to be in 2027.

The building will be subject to a 25-year lease. Pilgrim’s Quarter is being developed by Reuben Brothers (Newcastle) Limited.

“This nine-storey city centre building will be part of a vibrant and attractive new development close to retail and leisure facilities, places to eat and open spaces,” said HMRC.

“It is 10 minutes from Newcastle Central Station and has excellent transport links.”

HMRC CEO Jim Harra said:  “HMRC has had a longstanding presence in Newcastle and the wider North East.

“Signing the lease for the new regional centre is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the area, its economy and our employees based in the North East.

“Pilgrim’s Quarter will deliver the inclusive, flexible and collaborative working environment that meets the current and future needs of our colleagues while improving career development opportunities.”

Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes said: “This is fantastic news for Newcastle and anyone who has a stake in the success of the city centre.

“Having a new development for 9,000 workers in the heart of the city will be great for transport operators, retailers and the hospitality trade.

“It will not only boost our economy but bring huge social value to the city as it continues to be transformed after the pandemic.

“It shows confidence in our vision and the £50 million city centre transformation plan we launched earlier this year and comes on the back of organisations like the Home Group, Homes England, Monstarlab and others, choosing the city as their first choice for attracting and retaining great people.

“All these developments will bring a huge economic stimulus which is just what we need, and I wholeheartedly welcome it.

“All planning applications are of course subject to the scrutiny of the independent planning process.”

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