Dechra acquires rights to canine lymphoma treatment

Chesire-based international veterinary drugs giant Dechra Pharmaceuticals said on Tuesday it agreed terms with Anivive Lifesciences Inc to acquire the worldwide rights to verdinexor, a novel treatment of all forms and stages of canine lymphoma in dogs.

“Under the terms of the agreement Dechra will acquire the global product rights and a first right of refusal for other species along with the trademark (Laverdia),” said Dechra, a FTSE 100 firm.

The product, currently sold as LAVERDIA-CA1 in the USA is a novel oral SINE (selective inhibitor of nuclear export) drug and the first oral tablet for canine lymphoma.

“It was conditionally approved by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine on 11 January 2021.

“Dechra will acquire the worldwide marketing rights, the rights to the intellectual property, the marketing authorisations (when granted) and associated regulatory documentation, supply contracts with third parties in relation to the raw material and manufacture of the finished product.

“No other assets are being transferred to Dechra.   

Sales of the product in the USA commenced under the conditional approval in July 2021. Full dossier submissions are planned for USA, UK, EU, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada.”

Dechra CEO Ian Page said: “We are delighted to acquire the worldwide rights to Laverdia.

“Its addition to our portfolio will expand Dechra into a new, niche therapy area, while also offering veterinarians and dog owners a simple to use, effective medication for lymphoma that extends the time a family has with their pet.”