Manchester’s AppLearn acquired by Nexthink

Andrew Avanessian

AppLearn, the Manchester-based digital adoption platform (DAP) vendor, has been acquired by Nexthink.

With dual headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and Lausanne, Switzerland, Nexthink has nine offices worldwide.

AppLearn said: “Nexthink are the leaders in digital employee experience (DEX) management software; supporting customers globally with all aspects of digital workplace management.”

AppLearn CEO Andrew Avanessian said: “This is a huge move that will accelerate the power of DEX, and we’re incredibly excited to be part of it.

“Nexthink are a fantastic company, and we have a shared vision of eliminating digital friction within the workplace.

“We’ve achieved a lot at AppLearn. If we rewind to 2011, AppLearn was a family-run services business offering digital transformation consultancy.

“Since then, we’ve received multiple rounds of investment, we’ve transitioned to a product-led model, we’ve acquired another business to accelerate our product capabilities, we’ve secured numerous workplace culture and growth awards, and we’ve been recognized by leading analyst houses.

“That is something everyone within this business—past and present—should be incredibly proud of …

“Combining two category leaders allows us to bring to market an end-to-end DEX solution designed to eliminate digital friction and drive ROI from software investments. I’m excited to see what the future has in store. On to the next chapter.”

Pedro Bados, co-founder and CEO of Nexthink, said: “Nexthink’s vision has consistently aimed to empower IT with full control over the digital employee experience.

“While maintaining an incident-free infrastructure is pivotal for employee productivity and satisfaction, the additional capacity to help employees learn, adapt, and extract the utmost value from their applications represents the crucial last mile of the digital experience.”