Intellegri to use Liverpool Uni modelling tech 

Insurance and financial services technology firm Intellegri will use software designed by a University of Liverpool professor to assess real time capital risk for insurance companies.

Intellegri will have exclusive rights to further develop the software for use in the insurance and financial industries sector, a process the university is calling a ‘spin in’.

The software, developed by Professor Simon Maskell from the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, is based on a sophisticated statistical model. Intellegri is integrating the software into a cloud-based platform to develop a new product for insurance companies, capital providers and their customers to model their capital adequacy requirements.

Maskell’s expertise in Bayesian modelling was used by the UK Government to estimate the UK’s R number during the COVID -19 pandemic. He is currently providing his statistical insight to help locate the missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370.

Maskell said: “The statistical model that has been used to create this software was developed through my EPSRC-supported Big Hypotheses (BH) research project and Impact Accelerator Award funding.”

“The aim of BH project is to develop ground-breaking algorithmic solutions that can be applied in real world settings across many sectors in both industry and government and this new software is an example of that. I look forward to working with Intellegri to develop this model into a new product.”

Andre Finn, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Intellegri, said: “The Big Hypotheses model has been over 10 years in development, with funding of £14 million. It’s  proven; it’s capable of calculating millions of scenarios in near-real time and it has the potential to revolutionise capital reserving and reporting for insurers.”