Burnley to succeed Clarke as Asda CEO

Walmart said Roger Burnley would take over as CEO at its Leeds-based subsidiary Asda on January 1, 2018, succeeding Sean Clarke who will leave the post after just 18 months.

Burnley returned to Asda as chief operating officer and deputy CEO in October 2016.

At the time, Walmart International CEO Dave Cheesewright described Clarke as “one of our most experienced global executives” whilst also recognising Burnley as “a future CEO.”

Cheesewright said: “Roger was purposefully brought back to Asda to partner with Sean ahead of the transition to Roger taking up the position of CEO.

“He and Sean have worked as a great team and I’m really confident in Roger’s ability to continue building upon our returning momentum.

“After more than 21 years with the company, Sean has worked across five international markets including serving as President and CEO of Walmart China and obviously here in the UK too.

“He’s continually shown the ability to lead critical transformation and the last 15 months are no exception.

“Sean will continue to lead Asda until the end of December after which, he’s taking some time out and will then remain engaged with Walmart.”

Burnley said: “Asda is a great business and we’ve started to realise its potential again.

“Sean’s focus on serving customers and simplifying the business has established a firm foundation on which we can build.

“Since I returned to Asda last year, I have been encouraged by the passion and professionalism of our colleagues and look forward to leading this terrific team.”

Clarke said: “Asda is moving in the right direction but there is still much more for us to do.

“I am excited to see the momentum continue under Roger’s leadership.

“Walmart has given me and my family some great opportunities.

“I am looking forward to taking some time out but I will always stay connected to the company.”