Northcoders appoints Walton as adviser

Technology training company Northcoders said on Tuesday it has appointed tech consultancy entrepreneur Tom Walton as a strategic adviser to boost its rebranded business services operation.

The Manchester-based company, which runs programming bootcamps, said it had created a new brand, COUNTER, for its business-to-business operation, specialising in deploying UK-based teams of people it has trained at corporate clients. The clients then get the option of retaining those people as full-time employees at no extra cost.

“We are redefining the way in which organisations solve their short and long-term problems by directly embedding our skilled consultants into client projects,” said Amul Batra, Managing Director of COUNTER.

Walton, the co-founder of digital consultancy Infinity Works, which was acquired by Accenture in 2021, said: “Instead of transient consultants, we are embedding the best tech minds into the very fabric of businesses to not only address short-term project needs but also promote sustainable growth and innovation.”