Morrisons creates 7,000 store jobs, cuts 3,000 bosses

Bradford-based supermarket giant Morrisons plans to cut 3,000 management jobs as part of a workforce restructuring that will see 7,000 store jobs created, it said on Thursday.

“The (net) increase of more than 4,000 jobs is after a number of managerial roles are removed,” the company said.

Jobs being created include butchers, bakers, fishmongers and other fresh food specialists.

Morrisons currently employs more than 97,000. 

All of Morrisons’ UK stores will retain an overall manager but departmental roles will be axed and managerial responsibilities for positions lost will be taken on by fewer managers with a wider remit. 

“Whilst there will be a short period of uncertainty for some managers affected by these proposals, we will be supporting them through this process and there are jobs available for everybody who wants to continue to work at Morrisons,” said retail director David Lepley.