Morrisons offers apprenticeships despite exams

Bradford-based supermarket giant Morrisons said on Thursday that all of its offers submitted to students looking to join their degree apprenticeships this year are guaranteed — regardless of their exam results.  

The supermarket had submitted offers to 46 degree apprentices across areas such as retail, logistics, corporate and manufacturing for which they will study part-time at either Bradford or Sheffield Hallam University whilst working at Morrisons. 

“Students across the UK have faced uncertainty over how grades were going to be rewarded and BTEC results were delayed until this week,” said Morrisons.

“Four students who applied for the Morrisons apprenticeship scheme had not received the required entry grades.

“However, they will still be granted a space on their courses through Bradford University, because of the supermarket’s recommendation.”

Alison Guest, senior people manager at Morrisons, said:  “It’s been a difficult year for students. 

“We will not go back on our offers to students looking to join our degree apprentice scheme — even if an applicant has not reached the desired requirements — and will support those preparing for a management career with us in food manufacturing and retailing.” 

Morrisons will welcome 62 new graduates to the company next week including 13 engineering apprentices joining from school and others following their university years.