Morrisons doubles number of florists in its stores

Bradford-based supermarket giant Morrisons said on Wednesday it is doubling the number of fully-qualified, expert florists employed in its stores to 300 this Autumn.

Morrisons said it is expanding its instore florist shops, a move which will see a further 60 florist stations installed across the UK and take the total to over 100.  

“The new florist shops will provide 180 additional roles for qualified professional florists, who may be out of work following the impact that the pandemic has had on the high street,” said Morrisons.

“Recent Google data has found that flowers have been one of the country’s most popular online purchases during lockdown, with online searches up 277 per cent.

“Morrisons is currently selling over four million flower stems every week.”

Flower stems are delivered fresh to Morrisons stores each day, sourced from FlowerWorld — a 17.5 acre flower site, wholly owned by the supermarket.  

Jane Watson, Flowers Manager at Morrisons said: “Flowers make people feel happier – with their beautiful shapes, bright colours and scents.

“We work with some of the best growers in the world and have some of the best stems.

“So we wanted to have the best florists in store to make bouquets for our customers.

“It’s been a difficult year for the flower industry, and we hope this also provides good job prospects for florists looking for work.” 

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