NWF shares suspended amid ‘cyber incident’

Chesire-based NWF Group plc, the agricultural business that delivers feeds, food and fuel across the UK, on Monday requested that trading in its shares be suspended due to a “cyber incident.”

NWF said it experienced “an unauthorised access to the IT systems in two of its divisions (feeds and fuels) and at group level.”

It said there has been no unauthorised access at the group’s food division. 

“The group has engaged external specialists and has taken precautionary measures with its IT infrastructure, including taking systems offline whilst it continues to investigate the nature and extent of the incident, the recoverability of any compromised data and any effects on the operability of its systems,” said NWF.

“The group’s businesses remain operational; the customer service teams in feeds and fuels are using alternative systems and procedures to fulfil and deliver orders. 

“In light of the complex and evolving nature of this situation, the board has requested that trading in the company’s ordinary shares be suspended until it is in a position to provide more definitive information.”