Cohesive of US buys Manchester’s SRO Solutions

SRO Solutions MD Tony Lackey

Pennsylvania-based The Cohesive Companies has announced its acquisition of Manchester-based SRO Solutions “to extend its capabilities for marine and industrial infrastructure.”

The Cohesive Companies is a wholly-owned but independently operated “digital integrator” business unit of Bentley Systems, Inc.

“Established in 2004, SRO introduced IBM’s Maximo to the maritime environment, managing projects across all seven continents for an extensive list of blue-chip owner-operators of assets on- and off-shore,” said The Cohesive Companies.

“SRO, a Gold Accredited IBM Business Partner, provides unique Maximo replication and zero downtime upgrade solutions.

“Headquartered in Manchester, UK, SRO approaches each project with a disciplined agile methodology, underpinned by a rich engineering heritage and strong technical competence.

“SRO’s engineers, consultants, and project managers wield extensive experience in delivering Maximo solutions across a wide range of sectors, led by maritime and oil and gas.

“Products include SDU (SRO Data Utility), which eliminates downtime and provides upgrade and migration processes that permit businesses to keep running while software (for example, large Maximo instances) are being updated; and SDR (SRO Data Replication), which assures data synchronization across remote geographies and intermittent connections.”

The Cohesive Companies CEO Noah Eckhouse: “We are excited to welcome Tony Lackey and the SRO team, with their technical expertise and hands-on knowledge of resources industries.

“Our goal, as an autonomous digital integrator consultancy, is to support global owner-operators and their assets literally everywhere in going digital.

“Incorporating SRO’s comprehensive product and service offerings, and their uniquely deep experience in maintaining safety and regulatory compliance in challenging and low/no-bandwidth environments will help our emerging digital twin offerings to reach the full extent of maritime and industrial assets.”

SRO Solutions MD Tony Lackey said: “We are excited for SRO to join The Cohesive Companies, as we have worked for years with Cohesive in America and recently have also partnered on opportunities here in the UK.

“I would like to thank all the team at SRO for their work in making this milestone possible.

“It is timely that we are adding SRO’s Maximo solutions, and maritime and industrial expertise, to what The Cohesive Companies can now offer globally.

“Advancements in going digital are driving improvements in maritime, offshore and energy asset management – leading towards the breakthrough advantages of infrastructure digital twins.

“We know that together, we can deliver even more operational value for owner-operator organizations.”