AJ Bell adds Aquis Stock Exchange to platform

AJ Bell CEO Andy Bell

Salford-based investment giant AJ Bell announced it has added Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) to its online trading platform.

“AQSE provides access to approximately 90 listed growth companies,” said AJ Bell.

“These are now available directly to retail investors via AJ Bell Youinvest and to investors that use a financial adviser via AJ Bell Investcentre.

“AQSE stocks are available for online trading via AJ Bell’s ISAs, SIPPs and Dealing / General investment accounts.

“Companies quoted on AQSE are divided into two segments ‘Access’ and ‘Apex’.

“The Access market focuses on earlier stage growth companies, while Apex is the market for larger, more established businesses. Average market capitalisation on Apex stocks is approximately £80 million and includes names such as Chapel Down, KR1 and Samarkand Group.”

AJ Bell CEO Andy Bell said: “Our goal is to make investing easy for our customers, whether they are managing their investments themselves or with the help of a financial adviser.

“Many of them have told us they want to be able to trade stocks listed on Aquis Stock Exchange and we are pleased to make this available to them.”

Aquis Exchange CEO Alasdair Haynes said: “We are very pleased AJ Bell has given its clients electronic access to trade AQSE shares.

“Today, some of the UK’s most exciting growth companies are choosing to get a quotation on AQSE.

“Since we acquired this business lasts year we have been making numerous changes to radically raise standards and increase liquidity.

“We fervently believe in retail investors having equal opportunities to trade as institutional players as part of our mission to get the public back into public markets for the benefit of all stakeholders.”