NCC, Manchester cyber firm, expects higher revenue

Manchester-based cyber security company NCC Group plc said on Thursday it “expects revenue for FY21 to be slightly ahead of the prior year.”

In a trading statement in advance of its preliminary results for the year ended May 31, 2021, NCC said: “The board expects revenue for FY21 to be slightly ahead of the prior year and for Adjusted EBIT (subject to audit) to be towards the higher end of consensus expectations, owing to better than expected trading towards the end of the year.

“For the current financial year (FY22), the board expects higher revenue growth accompanied by increased global costs from inflationary pressures as well as a resumption in travel and office usage …”

NCC Group CEO Adam Palser said: It is a pleasure to welcome our new team from the recent acquisition of Iron Mountain’s IPM division.

“Joining forces transforms our Software Resilience business, making it a market leader, and we look forward with confidence to the future.

“We will continue to invest in organic and inorganic growth opportunities, building on the strong foundations that we have put in place over the last three years to seize the opportunities presented by the ascendance of cybersecurity as a top priority for businesses globally.”