Manchester’s Co-op Bank gets ESG rating boost

Manchester-based Co-operative Bank said on Monday it has been rated as the UK’s best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) high street bank by Sustainalytics, the ESG and corporate governance research, ratings and analytics firm.

“With its roots in the co-operative movement, The Co-operative Bank has more than three decades of evidence of how it has prioritised and focused on environmental and social issues that its customers have said matter to them most,” said Co-op Bank.

“Initiatives such as; being beyond carbon neutral, sending zero waste to landfill, campaigning to right social injustices in partnership with Amnesty International and raising awareness of issues such as the prevalence of Economic Abuse in the UK with Refuge all contribute to The Co-operative Bank’s ESG score when compared with other UK high street banks.”

Co-operative Bank CEO Nick Slape said: “We have always been extremely focused on making the right environmental and social impacts and we are immensely proud that we have been recognised by Sustainalytics as the best ESG rated UK high street bank.

“We have a long history of leading on important issues through our heritage in the co-operative movement.

“Our commitment to co-operative values and principles have naturally evolved into a standout ESG rating today, and our customer-led ethical policy has ensured we have remained at the forefront of issues that matter to UK consumers.

“We will continue setting progressive and challenging ESG targets for ourselves so that in future we not only maintain the rating, but further improve it.”