Boohoo grants free shares to almost 5,000 staff

Manchester fashion firm Boohoo Group plc announced it granted a total of 15.44 million free ordinary shares to almost 5,000 employees as part of the company’s commitment to encouraging all staff to be shareholders in the business.

“A total of 4,924 employees were found eligible and applied for the 2021 Share Incentive Plan (2021 SIP) and have been granted 3,136 free ordinary shares each, representing approximately £3,600 at the purchase price of £[1.15] per ordinary share,” said Boohoo.

“The free shares were awarded on 12 January 2022 and are subject to a 3 year forfeiture period.

“John Lyttle and Neil Catto, both directors of the company, have elected to participate in the 2021 SIP, and are included in the total figures above, with their individual awards pursuant to the 2021 SIP being 3,136 shares each.”