Skipton wire springs firm Binns bought by CGR of Paris

Paris-based CGR has established a base in the UK with the acquisition of Skipton-based wire springs group John Binns & Son (Springs) Limited.

CGR is a co-designer and manufacturer of mechanic and mechatronic components in Europe, America and Asia.

The management team of John Binns Springs will remain in place.

CGR was originally a pure spring maker, but the company now offers co-engineering and serial production of various metal components or metal plastic components based on cold forming technology, overmolding and automated assembly.

John Binns Springs director Alex Driver said: “For John Binns, CGR is a remarkable growth opportunity, opening up new technologies and new fields of activity.

“This will allow us to increase further our technical expertise, particularly with the support of the CGR R&D laboratory.”

CGR CEO Alexis Martel said: “Both companies share the same values, we provide a healthy, motivating and empowering work environment for our people.

“By developing its global growth, CGR develops quality jobs all over the world.”