Wood, Centrica plan East Yorkshire low-carbon hub

Aberdeen-based global engineering firm John Wood Group said it is working with Centrica Storage to evaluate the feasibility of transforming its Easington gas processing terminal in East Yorkshire to a low-carbon production hub.

“Centrica Storage has partnered with Equinor on this project to deliver hydrogen to the Humber region,” said Wood.

“Based in East Yorkshire, the hub will be integrated with Centrica’s Rough field redevelopment, as well as the Easington Terminal’s hydrogen fuel switching project, both of which Wood is executing parallel studies for.”

Wood said the development of the Easington low-carbon hub over the next 10 years supports Centrica’s goal of achieving net zero by 2045 and that hydrogen is a crucial element in achieving this target.

Wood said it will leverage its extensive experience in the hydrogen sector to evaluate development scenarios including both green and blue hydrogen production facilities and their associated offsites and utilities.

Dan Carter, President of Decarbonisation at Wood, said, “This study is closely aligned with Wood’s strategy to focus on enabling our clients to decarbonise their operations and reach net zero through sustainable design.

“The creation of the Easington hub would provide secure low-carbon energy to the region, supporting the UK’s energy transition.

“We are delighted to continue working with Centrica Storage on the design of this facility, utilising our trusted technical experts, combined with decades of hydrogen experience.”

Centrica Storage MD Martin Scargill said, “We are excited to continue our collaboration with Wood as we explore opportunities to fulfil our pledge of facilitating the UK’s transition to net zero, with our goal to establish 1GW+ of green and blue low carbon hydrogen at Easington in East Yorkshire.

“We entered into a co-operative agreement with Equinor in 2022 to develop low carbon hydrogen at Easington and as we progress through the design phase, we are building upon our strong and strategic partnership with Wood, whose extensive experience in the hydrogen sector is critical in developing and driving this project forward.”