Sheffield’s ITM Power in Gore strategic collaboration

ITM Power, the Sheffield-based green hydrogen and energy storage firm, announced that it intends to collaborate with W. L. Gore & Associates to “further deepen their understanding of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE) performance over lifetime, durability mechanisms and reliability.”

News of the collaboration came a day after ITM said publication of its results for the year to April 30, 2023, would be delayed from July 27, 2023, to August 17.

ITM Power said the collaboration “will enable fast paced progress, and shall further enhance stack performance, durability and reliability as part of ITM’s technology development programme, leveraging each company’s expertise and capabilities in science and technology, including ITM’s world-class electrolyser testing facilities.”

ITM Power said: “The proton exchange membrane is at the heart of the electrolyser stack, serving as an ion permeable barrier within each cell, which separates hydrogen and oxygen, and transports protons from the anode to the cathode.

“The capability of the membrane, together with its interactions with other cell and stack components during assembly and operation, make the membrane one of the most important determinants of stack performance and longevity.

“The two companies are both leaders in their fields with R&D underpinning their foundations and a reputation for pioneering innovation.”

ITM Power CEO Dennis Schulz said: “We are delighted to elevate our collaboration with Gore to the next level.

“Their understanding of membranes and their product quality and reliability are market-leading, and by forging ahead with this alliance, we are further cementing our technology leadership whilst at the same time ensuring that a key part of our supply chain is future-proof as we scale up.”

Laura Keough, Global Business Leader for Gore’s Electrolysis & Energy Storage division, said: “We are proud and excited about this collaboration that is of strategic importance and will benefit the entire green hydrogen ecosystem.

“As a leading PEM supplier, Gore looks forward to leveraging our 25 years’ industry experience alongside ITM’s stack technology expertise.

“Our collective technical and product capabilities will generate significant R&D insights and advance our knowledge of lifetime electrolyser performance, demonstrating PEM water electrolysis as the key to our collective net-zero ambitions.”