Newcastle’s Sage to ‘revolutionise accounting’ with AI

Sage Group plc, the Newcastle-based FTSE 100 global software business, has announced the introduction of its new generative AI-powered “productivity assistant” called Sage Copilot.

Sage said Copilot is “set to revolutionise accounting, finance and people management processes” and empower customers “to make smarter business decisions.”

The Newcastle firm sells accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) internationally.

“For small business owners, CFOs, accountants, and HR leaders, Sage Copilot will act as a trusted member of their team, handling administrative and repetitive tasks in ‘real time’, whilst recommending ways to make savings and drive business improvements,” said the Newcastle firm.

“It will create more time and space for customers to focus on growing and scaling their businesses.

“The AI-powered assistant automates workflows, identifies errors and generates actionable insights unique to each business and accountant’s practice.

“Sage Copilot helps with forecasting, cashflow management and generating and sending invoices with simple, natural language commands.

“Users can be confident knowing that in the development of Sage Copilot accuracy, security, expert support and trust have been prioritised every step of the way, with robust encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations.”

Sage CEO Steve Hare said: “Sage Copilot revolutionises small and mid-sized businesses and accountant productivity by bringing trusted AI into the heart of their operations—automating tasks and providing insights to fuel growth and efficiency.

“It’s not just an AI feature; it’s a commitment to building a future where businesses can focus on their goals, supported by AI they can trust from Sage”.

Caroline Armstrong, Director at Infinitas Accountants, said: “I have seen what Sage has been building and it is exciting to know that it won’t just be SMBs who will be able to get ahead in their businesses with Sage Copilot.

“The use of Sage Copilot will elevate my role as a strategic partner even further, allowing me and our firm to support our clients’ financial success more accurately and confidently”.