New national architecture centre for Liverpool

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) said it will open a new national architecture centre, RIBA North, on June 17 on the Liverpool Waterfront.

RIBA North has been designed by Broadway Malyan.

“At the heart of RIBA North is the City Gallery, a space for visitors to learn more about Liverpool’s past present and future, as well as the processes involved in urban development and the evolution of the built environment,” said RIBA.

“RIBA North’s City Gallery includes the Digital City Model, an interactive 3d model which tells a variety of stories about Liverpool and the surrounding area.

“It is also an extraordinary professional tool, which can be used by developers, architects and planners to host public consultations, anticipate the impact of future development, and encourage the best design approaches.”

RIBA North will host a “bold” programme of temporary exhibitions and offer the opportunity to view the historic RIBA Collections, the nation’s richest resource of architecture drawings, photographs and prints, dating from the late 15th century to the present day.

The opening exhibition ‘Liverpool(e): Mover, Shaker, Architectural Risk-Taker’ celebrates Liverpool’s long, often maverick, history of architectural ambition, its willingness to take risks and consider audacious schemes.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said: I am delighted that the RIBA has chosen Liverpool as the location for its new national architectural centre.

“RIBA North will be in good company on our prestigious Liverpool Waterfront, alongside the Albert Dock and the three Graces, which since Liverpool City Council moved into the Cunard Building has come alive with new tenants and staff.”

RIBA President Jane Duncan said: “We are particularly proud to strengthen our cultural and creative offering in the north of England, and to enable many more people to explore and understand the enormous impact that architecture and design has on all our lives.

“At RIBA North, we have a building with museum conditions which will offer a magnificent opportunity to view RIBA’s world-renowned historic collections showing hundreds of years of the UK’s extraordinary architectural history.

“We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund which has provided a grant for the opening exhibition, enabling us to restore 30 Liverpool items from our collections, which will be on public display for the first time.

“RIBA North would also not be possible without the generous and ongoing support from Broadway Malyan.”