Feed, food and fuel firm NWF revenue soars to £556m

Chesire-based NWF Group plc, the agricultural and distribution business that delivers feed, food and fuel across the UK, said revenue rose 19.3% to £555.8 million, headline operating profit rose 3.4% to £9 million and total dividend per share increased 5.3% to 6p in the year ended May 31, 2017.

NWF said it enjoyed revenue growth in all of its three divisions — reflecting acquisition contribution, higher activity levels and increased commodity prices in feeds and fuels.

NWF Group CEO Richard Whiting said: “NWF delivered a solid performance last year with increased activity in all three divisions and the benefits of the diversified business model resulted in record earnings per share.

“The increase in profitability and strong cash generation also enabled the group to continue its investment strategy, with major feed mill expansions completed in the year.

“We continue to see opportunity for further strategic and operational progress and our performance in the current financial year to date has been in line with our expectations.”