£19m orders for O&H, Goole emergency vehicle firm

Goole, East Yorkshire-based emergency vehicle maker O&H Vehicle Technology said on Monday it took in £19 million in orders in the first quarter of 2019.

“We will proudly build up to 350 Patient Transport Vehicles for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) over the next 2-3 years after our tender submission was accepted by YAS as the best value for money option, as part of a recent, rigorous selection process,” said O&H.

O&H Vehicle Technology Managing Director Oliver North said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with YAS again, after such a positive project building the Trust’s Emergency Ambulances over the past year.

“So far, we have built 136 ‘A&E’s’ for our local trust and have achieved a demanding delivery schedule, to the highest standard possible.

“We have also just placed into build over 40 new A&E’s for YAS which we will continue to add our marginal gain of quality towards with each build.”

O&H said the North East Ambulance Service has also recently undergone a rigorous procurement process and has subsequently ordered 119 patient transport vehicles which will be built at O&H Vehicle Technology over the next three years.

North added: “NEAS are an exceptional trust who we haven’t built much for over the past decade or so.

“With such a good tender response and our excellent pedigree of PTS builds, we see this as an excellent opportunity to prove our quality, reliability and robustness of product to the Trust.

“In conjunction with the PTS, we are also building 12 rapid response vehicles which I believe will prove to be a great quality of build too.”

Other new customers to O&H Vehicle Technology include the North West Ambulance Service.