Sage to help 10,000 Tyneside children, cut carbon

Sage Group CEO Steve Hare

Newcastle-based accounting software giant Sage Group has announced a new “Sustainability and Society Strategy” with pledges to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 and to halve its carbon emissions by 2030 — and a commitment to provide 10,000 children in the North of Tyne Combined Authority area with access to skills education in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The FTSE 100 firm said that as part of its new Sustainability and Society Strategy called “Knocking Down Barriers” it aims to tackle societal and economic inequality “supporting a new generation of diverse and sustainable businesses as well as playing its part in the race to net zero carbon.”

Sage said: “Under this new strategy, Sage aims to tackle economic inequality by supporting people from underrepresented communities around the world to start or grow their own business.

“Initiatives include partnering with social enterprise MyKindaFuture and JobCentrePlus to provide mentoring and training support to disadvantaged people in the UK to start their own businesses, and partnering with non-profit lending platform Kiva to improve financial inclusion in communities that find it hard to start or grow businesses.

“Sage is also dedicating its technology, time and experience to supporting digital equality and diversity, by providing 10,000 children in deprived areas in the North of Tyne Combined Authority with access to STEM skills education, and through further investment in its FutureMakers programme to give young people access to Artificial Intelligence education and awareness.”

Sage CEO Steve Hare said: “Sage is committed to addressing the challenges faced by our communities, society and the environment.

“Tackling the global climate crisis requires bold action, and through our ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions and commit to Net Zero, Sage is determined to play its part.

“Our ambition is to be a leading sustainable business and to support our customers, partners and suppliers to do the same.

“Through our new Sustainability and Society strategy, we will use our technology, time and experience to back and build a new generation of diverse, sustainable businesses, driving meaningful and positive change.”