Sheffield’s Henry Boot to make big board changes

Sheffield-based property investment and construction group Henry Boot plc announced that after over 40 years of service chairman Jamie Boot will be retiring from his role and from the board on May 26, 2022, following the company’s AGM. 

Current non-executive director Peter Mawson will be appointed as chair.

“Peter has been a member of the board since 2015 and will continue to drive Henry Boot’s commitment to achieving high governance standards and following best practice, whilst ensuring that stakeholder engagement remains a key priority,” said Henry Boot.

“Peter’s previous roles include Group CEO of Donaldson LLP and CEO & Accounting Officer of the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation.

“Peter will also be retaining his role as the chair of the nomination and responsible business committees, the latter being in the short term prior to the appointment of a new independent non-executive director later in 2022.

“The nomination committee, supported by an external recruitment partner, has already started the process to recruit.

“As a consequence of Peter’s changing role, the senior independent director position will be assumed by Joanne Lake.

“The board has taken the decision to retire the role of deputy chair, which was previously held by Joanne, as it is not considered to be usual for a company of this nature.

“Following Jamie’s retirement, there will be a temporary imbalance in the number of independent and non-independent directors on the board, however the aim will be to appoint an additional independent non-executive director later in 2022.

“Further independent non-executive directors will be appointed during the following years, replacing those approaching their 9-year tenure, to ensure that Board membership is progressively refreshed.”