AJ Bell makes big changes to board committees

Helena Morrissey

Fast-growing AJ Bell plc, the Salford-based investment platform,  has announced several changes to the membership of some of its board committees to “further strengthen the company’s governance structure following the recently announced additions to the board.”

Helena Morrissey will join AJ Bell’s nomination committee, Simon Turner and Eamonn Flanagan will step down from the committee, and existing members Les Platts (committee chair) and Laura Carstensen will remain.

Margaret Hassall will join the remuneration committee, with Les Platts stepping down and existing members Laura Carstensen (committee chair), Simon Turner and Eamonn Flanagan remaining.

Evelyn Bourke and Margaret Hassall will join the audit committee, with Simon Turner stepping down and existing members Eamonn Flanagan (committee chair) and Laura Carstensen remaining.

Helena Morrissey and Evelyn Bourke will join the risk and compliance committee, with Laura Carstensen and Eamonn Flanagan stepping down and existing members Simon Turner (committee chair) and Les Platts remaining.

“Following these changes, the membership of each committee will be comprised of independent non-executive directors and, where applicable, the chair of AJ Bell,” said the company.

AJ Bell chair Les Platts said: These changes will further strengthen the board as the business embarks on the next phase of its long-term growth.

“The diversification of the membership of its committees will enable the board to continue to maintain effective oversight as the business grows.

“It will mean more work can be delegated to the committees, which will free up board time to focus on strategic matters.

AJ Bell said on March 16 this year that Helena Morrissey had been appointed as a non-executive director of the firm with the intention of her being appointed to succeed Les Platts as chair at the company’s next AGM in January 2022.

Morrissey joined the AJ Bell board as chair designate on July 1, 2021.

Morrissey was previously head of personal investing at Legal & General Investment Management and prior to that was chief executive at Newton Investment Management for 15 years.